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The loading screen for Discover the Mystical Eggs - The third Chest Event

A Chest Hunt Event is a limited-time event where you hunt for locked ancient chests and unlock them using keys - both of which are found in the Event Quest. The Storyline Quests may also drop event chests, but at a much lower rate.


  • Repeatable Hunt Quest
  • Event Treasure
  • Lucky Streak
  • Ranking Rewards

Hunt Quest

An event specific quest where locked chest are added to the drop table. The chests are unlocked using either silver keys or gold keys, which are also added to the drop table, with gold keys being more rare. Locked chests come in 2 forms, either Metal Chest, Gilded Chest or Platinum Chest. Unlocking a chests will award you Unlock Points (UP) - the Ranking Points for this event.


Silver Key

Silver Key - Silver Keys have a chance of opening your chests. If 3 keys are used to aid an ally in opening a chest, the chance is 100%, if 2 or 4 allies (depends on event) come to the aid of the person requesting help. Silver Keys are usually given out for SNS postings - 10 each for a facebook or twitter post. Silver keys are removed after the event, so you cannot stockpile them for the next event.

Gold Key

Gold Key - Gold Keys have a 100% chance of opening a chest. You also have a higher chance of better rewards, and you earn 300 Unlock Points when used on your own chests. Gold Keys are not removed after the event. Gold Keys can be bought in the store during the event period and earned or purchased during other events for Ranking Points or tokens earned in those events, such as Raid Medals, War Medals or Hunt Points.

Event Treasure

There are now 2 forms of event treasure for this event. The regular Lunar Chest event had Event Treasure similar to Dragon Treasures where you need the 6 pieces to complete the set, which would get you a card. The Mystical Eggs and Ancient Temple of Memories events had collectable event items which gave rewards upon collecting certain amounts from the chests. Event treasure cannot be stolen, and after the event any remaining pieces are removed from your inventory.

Event History

  • 2013
The Solstice of the Revenants
August 23 - August 29, 2013 (23:59 EST)

The Archive of Forsaken Chronicles
July 4th - July 10th 2013 (23:59 EDT)

The Ancient Temple of Memories
May 2nd - May 9th 2013 (23:59 EDT)

Discover the Mystical Eggs
March 29th - April 7th 2013 (23:59 EDT)

Lunar Chest - Short Adventure
February 19 - February 21, 2013 (23:59 EST)

Lunar Chest banner
January 18 - January 27, 2013 (20:59 EST)

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